Ned help with "boolean" type of custom field

Hi, can someone give me the example of use of boolean custom field?
I’m new in IT, but i would like to use all features that Bitwarden provides.I know how to use almost every feature of Bitwarden.But boolean custom fields are still a little mystery to my.Thanks in advance

Hello @Stutterpasswordguy and welcome to the community,

The boolean option is pretty much a simple YES or NO response for a form.

This works well for things like the :white_square_button: Remember Me check box on sites.

That much i know.But how to find correct id of field in the HTML?

Check on the Help guide or in the video from the previously linked Bitwarden Learning center.

These will show examples how to find the values, easiest being with the Bitwarden context menu, or you can manually inspect the HMTL with your browser’s developer tools.

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