Navigating Away From Incomplete Record Loses Data

Currently if you are creating or updating an account using the webextension in the popout window that appears when you click the Bitwarden icon (as opposed to the popup window) - clicking outside the extension’s popout window will close it and lose all unsaved data.

This is a super common usecase, for example, when completing a sign up form and moving back-and-forth between Bitwarden and the sign up page; or when you generate a new password, and go to paste it into the page.

While it’s easy to say “make sure you always hit save before you do anything” - I am repeatedly having this issue with less-technical members on the company account I admin so that advice doesn’t really work for them. Several times a month I’ll get messages from somebody who has lost a password or has given up on Bitwarden for personal passwords because it’s repeatedly not saving credentials and they’re embarrassed about having to always have their password reset.

The webextension needs to not let you wipe out unsaved changes without first prompting to confirm that you did intend to not save.

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