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I´m quite new to Bitwarden and I moved from 1Password. In 1Password I can give the new saved login a “name” like “My Login XY”. I haven´t find a way to do it in Bitwarden as well. It always seem to use the Title of the website as the name but If I have multiple logins on the same site or sevice (e.g. hosting provider) it leads to multiple same looking login entries.


You can change the title and type in whatever you like. You don’t have to use the website name always, just make sure that the URL is correct. Just tap or click on text area to change the name

If you want a video tutorial.

Thanks but I don´t see how I can do that when I save a new login using a browser extension (which is what I do most of the time).

I only see the prompt to save the login but I cannot change the name in any way.

Save the login/ Click save
After the login has been saved
Go to the extension, find the login(usually the site URL) by searching/ directly from My Vault
Click on the Login item which you saved.
View item window should pop up and then click on edit in the top right corner.
Change the text under Name

Brilliant. Got it.

But hey…that´s pretty complicated compared to 1Password.


You will get used to it. I haven’t used 1password before so I really don’t know how it works.
Other than waiting for the prompt to save password after creating an account. Its easier to fill in all the credentials like username and password and then auto-fill it on the site. The password detection doesn’t work on all sites, so it would be easier and safer to fill everything into the login type and then auto fill the saved information.
Another method (This is more easier)
If you created the account on the site and you are on the same site, then open the extension—> On the Tab page, you will see the saved login(if you are still on that site). To edit the item, click on the view icon(the icon looks like a table) to the right side of the item name. I think this will be easier.

Thanks. Will try it

I’ve moved over from Roboform and they have the same ability to pick a custom Name WHILE saving. Geez I miss it. Going back in and renaming after saving is a bit archaic.

Edit: I couldn’t find a feature request so I created one. Allow Us To Pick Custom Names While Saving New Logins


The title for the saved item will be the same as the address of the website. If I save a login on then the item name will be

Correct, and I would like to be able to pick the name. I have 43 logins for Google alone across clients, family and various accounts. The current saving funtion only works if you have 1 login for 1 website.

I like to rename every entry as well (I like “Google” instead of “”) so I like this idea. Would work well if it cold bring up the Edit window when you hit [Save Now].so you have a chance to edit/review right then.

The current saving function should work fine with multiple logins for a given site though, saving a new user login for Google won’t overwrite an existing user info, it will create a unique entry.

I use multiple site entries all named the same and it works well as the username is displayed in parentheses after the entry name. I only routinely use 3 or 4 logins for a given site so it has been very efficient for me. So my entries look like:

Google ([email protected])
Google ([email protected])
Google ([email protected])

Until then another option (what I have been doing most of the time) has been to go to a site (, then select the browser plugin and hit the “+” Add Item. It pre-populates the the name as and the URI 1, so I can rename it there and then add username and password. I’m still only entering the credentials once for that visit to the site.

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