My Web Vault is Empty but 3000 items shown on iOS and in FF extension


Yesterday my Web Vault still showed 3000+ items, but today it is empty on Firefox and on Chrome (macOS Mojave).

There are no items to list.

The 3000+ items are still shown on iOS and in the Firefox extension.

I double-checked, that I’m using the same account. I did not change the Master Password.

Is there a problem with the Web Vault right now?

Other troubleshooting steps I tried:

  • deleted bitwarden cookies
  • disabled uBlock Origin adblocker
  • connected with a VPN, in case there are any filtering or DNS problems

None of these changes made My Vault visible. It is still empty on FF and Chrome.


I’m not sure it helps, because I don’t use chrome, but I had the same issue on firefox this morning, which was also conflated with a profile mess (maybe due to firefox recently switching to a separate profile per ff edition?). In any case, I ended up switching to a new profile, and my vault items are back, as well as in the extension. Maybe try to clear localstorage on top of cookies? I have no evidence it would help, it’s just a guess.


I’ve encounted something similar where the Android app shows zero items, but the web vault, desktop app, and extensions show everything normally.

I fixed the issue by logging out of the Android app and logging in again.