Multiples Vaults

I believe that an option of multiple vaults would be very welcome, and that these vaults were released by browser.

For example a vault to work where I only release it in the work browser.

A similar feature is on the Bitwarden roadmap. Basically it will allow users to quickly switch between work account and personal account. This does not mean having multiple vaults in a single account. Its like switching your google accounts.

Client profiles : Allow switching between different Bitwarden accounts within the client


great to hear this is on the roadmap. Very useful feature for me in 1Password.

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Just following up this topic,
Any news about this feature yet (multiple vaults)?

I need to change between work and personal uses!


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It’s in development now actually :partying_face: - the main thread is here:

Closing this thread to keep folks in the main one :+1:

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