Multiple problems with Firefox client (doesn't offer to add logins, rarely allows biometrics, changes settings on me)

(This is long so I’ve bolded a few key words each paragraph.)

I have a number of problems with the Firefox client on Windows. All of the following is true on both my desktop running Windows 10, and my laptop running Windows 11, though the latter seems to be slightly better.

These are mostly fairly new issues - I did not have, or rarely had, these problems when I first switched over to BitWarden. But a few months ago there seemed to be an update, marked by the look and feel of the app changing to some kind of dark mode (that I didn’t choose), that was pretty much a disaster, at least on my machines.

I do not have these issues with other versions of BitWarden, or at least I have them much less. In particular the Chrome version is smooth as silk. The Android app is pretty good too, except that it too is hit and miss with adding new logins - but unlike these other issues, this has been true of every password manager I’ve used on Android.

  1. It almost never offers to add a login to the app when I create a new login on a Web site. I have to do it manually, and occasionally even that doesn’t work - hitting Save sometimes causes the new login to vanish into thin air instead of saving. This has never consistently worked, unlike on LastPass where this was pretty reliable, but it has gone from working about 70% of the time to working maybe 5% of the time (rough estimates, not exact measurements). I am now pleasantly surprised when it does work.

  2. It rarely lets me log in with biometrics. The Windows app and the Chrome version (provided I’ve got the Windows app running) always allow me to log in using Windows Hello, but on Firefox this has gone from working just as consistently as the other versions, to a point where, again, I’m pleasantly surprised when it does work. Again roughly, I’d say this has gone from working 99-100% of the time to working 10-15% of the time.

  3. Possibly tied to these, sometimes my settings change for no reason. For example the switch to dark mode I mentioned - in addition to itself being a possible example - was accompanied by major changes to my login settings. There’ve been others since. In the latest example, the time before erasing the clipboard changed from 2 minutes (where I’ve long had it because of problem 1, so I have enough time to finish a Web form and still create the BitWarden login manually) back to the default of 1 minute.

Are any of these known issues with fixes or patches or at least workarounds? Is there a way to roll back to an old version that doesn’t have these issues, and if so what would be the implications of doing so? It’s driving me nuts. I don’t really want to go back to LastPass but I’m starting to wonder if switching was a mistake.

Hi Jeff, and welcome and to the community!

  1. The passed-down reliable workflow for adding a website credential in Bitwarden is:
  • Goto the website’s credential creation page
  • Open the browser sidebar, that’s Shft-Alt-Y (not Ctrl-Alt-Y) on Firefox
  • Click add. Put in the appropriate username and generate a random password. Click save.
  • If your entry doesn’t show up, and your search doesn’t find it, you most likely have a sync problem. Normally, logging out and logging in again would solve this problem. You may have to recreate the entry, however.
  • Use the new entry to populate the credential creation page, Ctrl-Shift-L is probably the most convenient.
  • You need to modify the steps to fit the website, especially those that require both the username and email. You usually keep the one needed for login in the BW’s username field, and keep the other info in either the note or one of the custom fields.
  1. BW has changed the behaviors of the biometric login on the extension recently; the latest versions require unlocking the app, before you unlock the extension. This is to address a still unexplained vulnerability, and maybe around a while longer yet. I would suggest you do this:
  • Start using “Login with Device” feature to not having to enter the master password so frequently.
  • Don’t use the Biometrics for the extensions for now until BW fixes the issue more favorably. Use PIN, requiring a master password on restart.
  • Don’t close your browser. Closing the browser may log you out.
  1. Some of your settings may revert to defaults when you log in (not when you unlock), so again you want to keep your browser logged in (don’t close it). BW does seem to have frequent bugs related to the settings not being kept or followed; I have no idea why that is. It happens less if you don’t log out, or aren’t forced a logout.

The latest FF extension releases, 2024.4.2 and 2024.6.0 (still not in addons store), seem to leave people in fits. I am using 2024.4.1 now with no problems. The usual issue for not automatically update to the latest release is, you may end up not ever updating, creating a security problem in the long run. For example, there were some vulnerability fix in 2024.3.0 and 2024.5.0 (the double unlock behaviors), which if you don’t automatically update, you’ll miss them.

PS: moving back to LP seems drastic. 1Password is usually the one people talk about the most compared with BW, although some people also do think of moving off 1P because of bug issues too. The alternative for being mostly free and open-sourced is Proton Pass.

edited: wrong shortcut key.

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Thanks for the response.

  1. Ctrl-Alt-Y does absolutely nothing for me in Firefox. But that aside, if I follow you, the idea is basically to create the login in BW first and then use that to populate the new login on the Web site? That’s a little silly but also rather clever. I’ll try to remember to start doing that.

  2. I’m already doing most of that, in particular using Login With Device to minimize the inconvenience. That’s why I’m not screaming about it to a far greater extent than this :-). It’s still annoying but that does cut out quite a bit of the irritation.

  3. Good to know I’m not alone in this, at least.

Thanks again; have a good one.

  1. You’ve got the idea. That’s Shift-Alt-Y for FF; sorry.

Good day!