Multiple Login Options - If I start typing on the site login, display relevant options for fast fill-in

Often time’s I’ll have 2+ login options for a website. The browser plugin/extension successfully finds them all and shows a badge for the number of options on its small plugin icon.

However, this could be better if, when I clicked the “login name/email” form field on the site, the plugin saw that and immediately offered all of the options to me in a form dropdown on the site. Then I can just select from the list.

Alternatively (or additionally), if I started typing, it would filter out to those logins that fit my characters.


This is also how the keepass http plugin worked and it was invaluable as a user; GitHub - pfn/keepasshttp: KeePass plugin to expose password entries securely (256bit AES/CBC) over HTTP


Duplicate of Overlay popup interface ?

Looks like it, thanks! Looks like I can’t close this one, mods can probably.