I’m new with Bitwarden, I have experiences with KeePassXC and derivates like MacPass.
What i miss, and i asked the service before without success, is a Multi-Page-Login support. Sorry, i found no better name for it.

Feature function

Some pages splitted up the login procedure on different pages, e.g. like Apple or Amazon. One page for the login name, the second page for the password and perhaps a third page for the TOTP content.
Today Bitwarden doesn’t support an automatic procedure to fill up all three contents, only with a manual approach.

With the support of a Multi-Page-Login, it is more user friendly to handle such kind of login-pages.

Related topic

Perhaps Bitwarden has a big design impact to support such kind of requests. Because it would be better to use place holders (KeePassXC) instead static fields.