Moving from Revelation to Bitwarden

Trying to export my 2400 entries in Revelation to import into Bitwarden… It mostly works with a few quirks, which I suspect are mostly due to the format of the export file.


  1. Notes… I have lots of entries in Revelation with notes, some quite extensive, and there seems to be no consistency in which entries wind up with notes in Bitwarden and which don’t.

  2. Categories… same thing. Revelation supports 12 different categories of entries versus Bitwarden’s 4
    and I’m not seeing consistency in mapping from Revelation → Bitwarden. I have card info 30% ends up in Cards and 70% ends of as secure note, even tho in Revelation they are all structured the same.

Does anyone have any ideas on adjusting the flat export file to adjust for the Bitwarden import process?

Alternately, does anyone know where to find documentation on what the Bitwarden import process actually does … file types, file syntax, etc?


Hi Mike,

which of the importers did you try when importing? The Gnome one? Currently there is no dedicated importer for an export from Revelation, as far as I can tell.

It could be possible to condition the Revelation file according to Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json | Bitwarden Help & Support and please also check out Import & Export FAQs | Bitwarden Help & Support

Or else which could also be helpful for future users: Create an issue here Issues · bitwarden/web · GitHub and state which importer you are missing and you’d make it really easy for the devs, if you could provide a redacted/dummy version of the exported file from Revelation.


I used the Revelation CVS export as it was the only one that looked promising based on what the Bitwarden import pages were telling me. The options were a bunch of password vault formats, csv, xhmtl/css or xml