Moving back or cloning many items from org to personal vault

I subscribed to a Family plan some time ago and set it up to encourage my wife to use a password manager and to share certain password. Therefore, I created a “Family” organization where we have a “Shared” collection. For a reason I cannot remember I moved all my personal entries to the organization. I would like to get them back.

I understand that cloning the entries back to my personal vault is the only option. I did this (with one entry - and noticed that the duplicate’s name has been appended (I forget the exact wording). Now I face the situation to move a three digit number of entries one by one back to my personal vault AND renaming them one by one. Is that correct or do I miss a shortcut here?

That’s the workflow :frowning:

Thanks…that would be a four digit number of clicks for me. May be someone knows if looking into the CLI could be helpful.

Hi @Brausepaul you could consider options with exporting and importing entries.

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Duh…I will look into that.