Moving an item from folder to "Type"?

This seems like such a simple thing, but my searches have come up empty.

When I migrated from LastPass, all my credit cards were put into a folder. Looks like the place for them to be is under the Type “Card”. Is there a way to move my credit cards without having to re-type all the info?

Have you seen this: Folders | Bitwarden Help & Support

Yep, tried that, but “Types” don’t show up in the drop-down list of folders.

Re-typing would be the last option I would consider. Not much better, but still a little bit:
Open 2 instances of Bitwarden and then copy from one and paste into the other.
For example if you have installed the browser extension you can open several instances by clicking the symbol in the top left corner:


On the other hand: What is wrong about having credit card data in a folder ? Mine are.

I was hoping there was an easier way, but one does what one must do.

It’s OCD. There’s already a “Type” for cards, I should make use of it, dammit. :grinning:


There are two different groupings of items.
By Type: shows all items of particular type without folder grouping. If you want to change item type you need to create new item and copy/paste data.
By Folders: shows any item type assigned to the folder. Item can be assigned to the one folder only.

If you want to see/browse subset of card items, group them in one folder.

Ah, I see. I think I need to wander off and watch some more intro vids. Always takes me a while to catch on to how something was intended to be used. OneNote is another example, that took a loooong time to get used to.