Move 'Tab' button to top of UI

Feature name

Current tab/All items switcher

Feature function

Currently the UI is setup so that the list of items/entries is up the top, and at the bottom are the four buttons: Tab, My Vault, Generator, Settings.

I propose changing it around a bit so that at the top are two buttons (or a switcher if you like): Current Tab, All Items. Then the list of items/entries in the middle, then 3 buttons down the bottom: My Vault, Generator, Settings.

The way I see this working is that the Generator and Settings buttons work the same as usual (clicking them changes the UI appropriately for their respective functions). Clicking the My Vault button shows the list of items/entries with the two buttons/switcher at the top (with one of them defaulting to being active). When the top Current Tab button is clicked, it shows the list of items/entries appropriate for the current browser tab/window (as the current Tab button down the bottom does now). When the All Items button is clicked instead, it shows all items/entries (as the current My Vault button down the bottom does now).

The purpose/benefit of this change is that it makes it quicker/easier to change to the Tab view then click the first item in the list for logging into the current website. Currently you have to click down the bottom to change to the Tab view, then click up the top on the entry to login (more mouse movement). I’m hoping to minimise that.