Move 'Ownership' selection to top of the 'New Item' form

Feature name: Move Ownership/Collection selection to top of the new item form


  • Often people forget to set/change the ownership of new items, not seeing the field all the way at the bottom of the form
  • Ownership is one of the most important things to consider as it determines where an item is stored and who should have access to it

Feature Function:

  • Move the Ownership and Collection selections to the top of the form
  • Place Collection selection into a collapsible list to keep the form clean and save on space
  • At the top of the form they will be the first thing considered by someone when they create a new item
  • This will lead to better management of vault items
  • This will minimise the need for organisations to prevent users saving items to their personal vault as users will give proper consideration to the ownership of the item