Move items from one folder to another and inconsistencies

I just moved over from 1PW and clicked the premium version of this app. Initially everything is nice and ok, the community is a good read and help. I’m currently using BW as my primary Vault and got rid of 1PW after just 2 days.
Here is my question: I wanted to move some items from one folder to another on my desktop app (Mac) but I can’t find a way to do that. Is the whole app an online first approach? Like I can do that in my browser but I guess that’s not the point of having a desktop app then (?)

Another thing that doesn’t feel right is, that existing items from my 1PW vault cannot be added to BW types (very few of them btw but I read the feature request for that already). What is the point of categories if I can’t tag or sort my vault items in there?
And what is the difference between a collection, which I can’t use for anything (or I didn’t find it yet), folders (which only can be filled and used to move items around online) and Types (which only can be used on completly new items).

I hope I read the community posts carefully and those questions are not answered already, but I didn’t find any ansewers tomy questions yet.