Move item between collections

I started using bitwarden and I shared about 100+ passwords from my vault to my organization. Now they are in the wrong collection (default collection). I want to move them to a newly created collection. However I have been unable to do so, only 1 by 1.

How can I move all (selected) items to a different organization collection?

I tried from my vault; only allows to move to personal folders not collection
I tried to unshare; impossible
I tried to delete; also deletes in my personal vault
I tried to select them from the organisation; no actions other than delete
I tried to re-share to a different collection; 0 of the items you selected are sharable

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:warning::zap:I tried this out but still be careful as you are dealing with a large number of passwords.

Export the Organization Vault

Admins and Owners may export their Organization Vault from the Web Vault or CLI:

From the Web Vault

  1. Open your Organization and select the Tools tab.

Export Organization Vault

Export Organization Vault

  1. Select Export Vault from the left-hand Tools menu.
  2. On the Export Vault page:
  • Select a File Format (.json, .csv, or .json (Encrypted)).
  • Enter your Master Password.
  1. Select the Export Vault button to download your Vault Export. You will be prompted to specify a location for download.

Also, create a copy of the csv file, just in case anything happens😶

2. Delete the old collections after exporting the vault.

3. Change the CSV File

Open the csv file in Microsoft Excel/LibreOffice Calc

Change the collections of the items. You can use find and replace to quickly replace the values in the collections column.

Save the file and double check everything.

4. Import the CSV file into the organisation

  1. Open your Organization and select the Tools tab.
  2. Select Import Vault from the left-hand Tools menu.
  3. On the Import Vault page:
  • Select a File Format Bitwarden .csv.
  1. Select the Import button

Hopefully, all will go well. If anything goes wrong, just import the second copy of the csv file. Don’t blame me.


Good job on finding a way round this limitation, but the fact that you can’t:

  • Import directly to a Collection or even folder is baffling
  • Cannot move items in bulk between collections
  • Cannot filter by unassigned in the user vault
  • Cannot filter items in the vault to exclude items from collections
    And not directly related but annoying
  • Cannot search by password

Means I will be going straight back to 1Password, despite the additional cost. I really wanted Bitwarden to work for me but these limitations mean it is a no go.


Agreed. This lack of functionality from a paid product is poor and needs fixing ASAP.


Danger Will Robinson! DANGER!

  1. The BitWarden Help text says:

Vault Exports will not include [file attachments]

  1. Oh, and there’s another step before you’re done. The original instructions say to Delete the old collections. That means BW will put all the items in those collections into the Unassigned collection. Once you import your CSV file, you will have duplicate items, one in Unassigned and the other in your new collections. Only after you’ve confirmed that the import did what you want, you can open Unassigned, Select All, and delete the originals.