More than one TOTP per item

Is there a status on this?
I really would appreciate such a feature

This would be awesome, as many sites require multiple TOTPs!

I requested the same on the email support but was redirected to this community. I was told to post my request here and if there are others who wants this, it will be implemented. But I see this is open for more than three years now, so I guess this will not be successful.

Another bump, also for me this is the main blocker to move to Bitwarden vs old 1Password

In an organization, an AD login is required for multiple apps internally that do not authenticate via SSO, which means that for the same user and password, an additional TOTP is added. If I want to avoid this problem now, I have to create either a separate login with password incl. TOTP, which means again with 10 logins I have to change the password 10 times manually in the data set. The other variant is to create only the login without password and only with the TOTP, which is simply uncomfortable afterwards for the login.

Hi, sorry for no updates for such a long time. I started working on this but it turned out to be harder than expected. I also had some issues regarding running the Microsoft stuff like MSSQL and .NET on Linux if I remember correctly. It ended up working but it was a weird setup.

So if anyone else wants to work on this, feel free to do it. I would still love to have this feature but I just didn’t have as much as time as required so far.

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