Monitor login, change, user events in SIEM

To monitor the Bitwarden logs, i had set the variable “globalSettings_syslog_destination” to forward the logs to my SIEM Tool.
After that I got events that not related to user events as described here (Event Logs | Bitwarden Help Center).
For Example: The logs are forwarded are like:

  • Bitwarden-Admin[1]: [Bit.Admin.Auth.Jobs.DatabaseExpiredGrantsJob] Deleting 0 sends.
  • Bitwarden-Admin[1]: [Bit.Core.Jobs.JobListener] Starting job “DeleteSendsJob” at …
  • Bitwarden-Admin[1]: [Bit.Core.Jobs.JobListener] Finishing job “DeleteSendsJob” at…

But how to get the user events like ( Logged In(1000), Changed account password (1001), Enabled/updated two-step login. (1002),Disabled two-step login. (1003),…)?