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  • Mobile View For Web Vault

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Presently, the bitwarden web vault does not support mobile devices. The site is basically a desktop site. I find it hard to copy passwords from my 4.4.4 android device. The app is no longer supported on KitKat.

Maybe making a PWA version will help.

Making the web vault work properly on small displays would also make it much more usable on other mobile operating systems like Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS.

This would be an “easy” alternative to making and maintaining a mobile app for alternative mobile OSes.

Not supported for mobile, desktop only. Very shallow, inconvenient to use.

After you posted this, I just checked my Android phone—and there is, in fact, a Send feature available.

Granted I’m signed up for the beta, and I don’t have anything using iOS. But there definitely is support for mobile.

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You made this a feature request: So what is your request ?

I checked, it turns out not only the page************************, but all the pages of / ************* not adapted for mobile, in particular for Safari ios. My request is to adapt them for mobile browsers.
Sorry for my bad english

Oohhhh… Send while using the web vault (actually the web vault in general) isn’t working well for you on mobile. EDIT: Yeah, I just checked. I can see your issue with it.

Out of curiosity, have you tried the Bitwarden for iOS app?

Of course, I have it installed. The problem was just discovered when I started using the link generated by the SEND function. This link can only be accessed from the browser.

@Srg thanks for the suggestion! I’ve edited the topic name to align with the request.

Yes, that’s a problem. Can you read something here without increasing? I can’t be okay.