Mobile application (Android): Add Integrated Browser

Feature name

  • Mobile application (Android): Add Integrated Browser


  • The LastPass mobile application has an integrated browser
  • I only ever use this application for launching saved sites - the app requires my passcode to login, thus, access to the app and hence browser, already insists on security
  • The browser operates in private mode, and I can eliminate all history - essential for most of my LastPass (and now, Bitwarden) type browsing and authentication
  • I do not need to launch - as Bitwarden does - the sites into another browser, and this avoids the inconsistent autofill / draw-over services of Bitwarden, that are very flakey on my Oppo Android
  • I believe this is a key differentiating feature of LastPass, relative to Bitwarden. If this is implemented, I would rate it on-par with LastPass.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

It will copy the LastPass Browser feature on the android (mobile) app
That is, the Bitwarden App will also have an integrated browser, so that the user can directly launch into the target website, in private mode, and authenticate immediately

  • What benefits will this feature bring?

The browser will be integrated directly into the Bitwarden mobile app
Browsing will be in private mode, which is excellent for Bitwarden type authentication
Authentication will be immediate - there will be no need for the flakey autofill/draw-over experience (on the Android Oppo that I currently have)

Related topics + references

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Funnily enough, I cannot find any explicit mention of the Lastpass Browser
Suffice to say, the ‘Browser’ is integrated into the LastPass app, and one can easily launch sites and authenticate into them directly
Image of Lastpass on Android Mobile:

Representative Image from LastPass - integrated browser

The LastPass browser felt like a massive security risk… adding it seems like a bad idea. (It was also super basic)

There’s an entire team of Googlers looking after chrome security (as well as all the chromium Open Source dev’s…) for example and its still had many security issues.

Adding more complexity and vulnerabilities to the password manager seems like a crazy idea.