Mobile App Search should act like the Web App

Currently, if I typeamazon store card in the web app, it brings up my entry listed as “ store card” - just like I’d expect. However, in the mobile app it will not find this entry. This makes it incredibly frustrating to find any entries on mobile.


Referencing search article that I found as well; Search your Vault | Bitwarden Help Center
I would say it is a very poor user experience to make different apps act differently, Bitwarden should strive to do the same on all apps for consistency I think.

I’ve read somewhere earlier that the apps are being re-written for a better and more fluid UX. I’ve found this old reply, but I’m almost sure I saw something else updated about this.

We’ll have to wait for future releases. You can track Kyle’s job on GitHub, by the way.

EDIT: Found it. It was discussed on Reddit. Please check here.