Mobile App: Allow Account Switching Ability During Autofill

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    The account switching feature is absolutely awesome; I’ve been waiting for it for years and am so glad it’s finally here. However, when you go to auto-fill from login, Bitwarden automatically assumes you want to use the currently switched to account. If that’s not the case then it’s a massive pain - you have to:
    • cancel the autofill action
    • close the browser
    • open & unlock the BW main app
    • use the account switcher to open & authenticate to the account that contains the creds you’re actually trying to fill
    • close the BW app
    • re-open the browser window
    • re-trigger the autofill action
    • select the appropriate cred
    • bonus points if you’re like me and 90% of your autofills come from one account, then you can do all of this over again to switch back to your “primary” BW account so it’s most likely on the right account for your next autofill
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    So much less frustration. Having a simple icon in the top bar of the auto-fill window to quickly switch and pull creds from a different account would be SUCH a quality of life improvement.
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    Mobile apps (Android & iOS)

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    A big ole’ pretty please with cherry on top :smiley:
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Hello @d_ohlin - welcome to the community forums, and thanks for your feature request.

It sounds like the Bitwarden team is working right now to release a version of account switching that will run on the mobile apps and under the browser extensions, so I thought I should mention that this might solve your problems. I haven’t heard of an anticipated date for this release, but I expect it will be fairly soon. Cheers!

When you say “account switching that will run on the mobile apps”, I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing…account switching is already alive and well, running perfectly on mobile. The point that I’m making is that you can’t switch which account you’re using from the BW autofill page. Does that make sense? Two totally different things, at least as far as I can tell.

Yeah - I am talking about the Bitwarden extension for mobile browsers. After reading your post again, I now see that you want to just use the BW mobile app for logins, including in your browser. I can totally understand your request now.

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If i can understood your problem correctly you are facing issues with switching the user account while doing an autofill through the android app redirect.
I think this issue is somewhat genuine, i tested it out and it does seem to redirect you to the current switched account, with no way to switch to the other account without exiting the current session and manually setting the app to desired profile.
I guess account switching feature is relatively newer in the android app as it was released with version 2.17.0 , so we can expect improvement with subsequent releases which might fix it.
It think your case could provide a valuable feedback/suggestion for improving the account switching feature. This could be kinda categorised as a bug so you may also go ahead and create a new bug issue on the BW Mobile github page here.

Also to note this issue only appears ,when the vaults are in a unlocked state. But if your vaults are in a locked state , it does give you the option to switch between account profiles on the lock screen itself for auto-filling purpose.

Now that you provide that extra info that sounds exactly right. I tend to keep my phone attached to my hip so I do usually have my vaults unlocked. So this provides a lot of helpful info. I’ll see if I can’t get a bug report filed. Thank you!

This appears to have been resolved in latest app update of version 2022.05.0.
This thread can be closed now.

Mobile app account switching during auto-fill is currently available for Android, but not yet released for iOS, so we can keep the thread open.

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