Mix and match cloud and self-hosted

I really like the self-hosted option, combined with the full featureset of push notifications and such. It makes Bitwarden a tool which can be used in many places where regulatory requirements prevents usage of the competitors.

But I would like to able to configure the client for using both cloud vaults and self-hosted at the same time.

One obvious use-case is that I work for a company that wants/needs to use the self-hosted vault for regulatory requirements, and I also want to use Bitwarden privately and share a vault with my family. Obviously, my employer does not want to host a vault for my family.

So, I configure access to two organizations, one with the cloud as backend and one with the vault hosted at my employer as backend.

This would be so very useful.

And it’s not limited to two, I may have two part-time jobs, or volunteer in an organization. Some people even have two families. Or…

Obviously, I write this because I want my employer to use a password tool and I think this is the only feature missing for me to make a great pitch