Miui 11and Bitwarden


I have a problem with my phone (Xiaomi mi 9T) with OS MIUI 11.

At the first launch, I was able to configure everything so that the 2 options turn green.

But after a while, the accessibility option turns red in bitwarden settings while the option is activated on the phone.

I saw many personn with the same problem on reddit and many suggestions like :

I tried many things but still have the problem. Do you have any idea ?

PS : I tried to remove and reinstall and it’s the same probleme.


Hello snaj06,

on my MI9 (MIUI 11.0.8) I have not seen this behavior. Bitwarden runs smoothly and without issues. Here are my relevant settings and permission settings. I hope it helps.

Auto-fill service: Enabled
Auto-fill accessibility service: Disabled

Battery saver: No restrictions