Missing paren(thesis ?) in Directory Connector

Hi there,

The directory connector just updated itself to v2.9.10, latest at this point. I wanted to run a sync, so clicked on “sync now” as usual. I get a red error popup saying An error has occurred : missing paren. I guess “paren” here mean “parenthesis”.

I cleared sync cache, retried, same problem.
No abnormal output on terminal.
I opened the dev console, where I can see a logged LDAP request followed by the same error Received API exception: Error: missing paren at timer @ vendor.js:546353.

I spent quite some time investigating the faulty LDAP request. It seems that not containing ! elements inside parenthesis leads to a bad filter error (tried with ldapSearch). These filters didn’t change between Connector v2.9.10 and the previous one, and are redacted according to the tip under each field.

In the Connector’s GUI, the filter in the tip under the group filter is as follow :


This inserted in ldapSearch will also result in a bad filter error, while this fixed filter is okay :


I think that Connector v2.9.10 is now using a more strict LDAP filter syntax checking than before, and this makes previously written filters raise errors. Not a bad thing, overall, but if I’m correct, I think filters field’s tips should be updated to better reflect this strict syntax check.

One could also consider fixing the error text, only writing “paren” made me initially think that the connector was broken somehow.

Am I right ?