Missing images for Logins


ive seen some posts for people being able to obtain images / icons for logins where for some reasons it has not resolved the icon automatically. However i have a couple of sites where no matter what i do i cant get an image to be displayed.


In another password manager i can set a custom image where the site doesnt have an ICON file defined. Is there a way to achieve this in BitWarden?

for some sites ive been able to add a new URL to the List for the main site and its worked ok. but for sites with no icon tags at all im not sure how to achieve it. Also when i am adding URLs it seems like the first link in the login needs to be the one that contains the icon info? is that correct? and if so is there an easy way to insert a new first URL, we only can append to the end of the list and then the icon file isnt picked up automatically.


Hi Greg - welcome! Unfortunately, custom icons are not available in Bitwarden yet. But feel free to lend your support by voting on this feature request and hopefully it will be a feature that will be added in the near future:

Thanks, couldnt see how to vote but left a comment of support. I know people get around this using tricks, and ive been able to do it with icon files. just not other types.