Missing fields in Identity type

At identities the following fields are missing:

  • Birthday (one field)
  • Year of birth
  • Month of birth
  • Day of birth
  • Sex / Gender

I know that I can add custom fields!
But these fields are very important and used in many registration forms.
So they should be available by default.

How is the status for this feature?
When is it planned?

Any movement on adding these critical fields to the identity?

Additional field missing in the identities (important for business users): Department.
Please also add this field.
Thank you!

Identity Type looks pretty complete. But I think a Birthday field should be in the template. A lot of websites want the birthday when filling out identities.

Completely agree; day, month and year fields for DOB should be added.

Seems like a no-brainer, appears this was forgotten during development.

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Completely, 100% agree. Why has this not been done? Seems like a huge miss.

Lots of people want to know someone’s birthday. It is one of the first things criminals want to know in order to set up false accounts.

I’m not keen on making things easier for criminals. Such a “feature” would encourage those who think and/or care little about information security to scatter that information all over the place. Only stupid organisations ask for and store such information and stupid organisations are best avoided if possible.

LOL, isn’t the entire concept of Bitwarden based on it being a secure database to store passwords, and other such related information? Why would simply adding a field to track birthdates be an issue? Would my Bitwarden account/data somehow become less secure if I were to store a birthdate within it? Your comment, while appreciated, does not really make sense in this context.

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My point is not about how information is stored in Bitwarden, but how it can be used.

One of the best things about Bitwarden (and other similar software) is that it encourages people to use unique passwords for each site. I’m sure Bitwarden would store real birthday information securely. However, the point is what happens when that information is put into a website.

Organisations which are utterly useless at information security, like banks and governments, like to use things like birthdates as “identifiers”, a means of linking information together. The last thing I want to see is this web of stupidity expanded even further. If an organisation is stupid enough to demand a birthdate (and there are more and more such stupid organisations) then they can try linking the birthdates I give them.

Okay, I see your point, but that is a different matter than whether or not I choose to simply record that information securely in Bitwarden. If an outside organization asked me for my SSN, Passport or Driver’s License number, I would surely consider releasing that information no more harmful (and likely worse) than my birthdate. And those three pieces of information (SSN, Passport, and DL) are already available fields in the Bitwarden Identity type. Adding a field to securely record a birthdate would seem like a very logical addition to the information that is already available to be stored there. I obviously know my own birthdate, but I would like to create multiple identities in Bitwarden to securely store information about my family.


Why don’t you make use of Custom Fields ?

I agree. Roboform has all kinds of information in it’s identities. I would like them to take a look at that (not that they have not done so already). There is a ton of information that can autofill and I find that quite useful

Can you include date of birth as a standard section in profiles please?

Merged a couple of existing threads with regard to fields in the Identity Type.

Hey Trey, I had an idea … what if users could define their own custom fields that are added by default when a new Login/Identity/Card is created?

For example, whenever I sign up somewhere, I religiously save every single character of information that I provide during sign-up also in BitWarden. So when I create a Google account, I would save things like first name, last name, ZIP code, etc.

This helps me stay on top what information I provided to whom. Given all the data leaks, I’m rarely truthful and this helps me remember who I am. Useful if (for example) I get locked out and have to request help from customer support. Besides, this has helped me on multiple occasions trace which service lost my data when I found my account somewhere in a data leak with unknown source.

This somewhat extends the scope of the current requests.

@B0UNC3R in our work with additional item types, we’re actually exploring custom templates, too :wink:

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