Missing Features - Tagging & Edit on Save

Thank you for developing Bitwarden. We run a web agency and we have a huge number of passwords that we need to actively manage for our clients. We have been using LastPass for the last 5 years and decided we would like to switch to BitWarden. I purchased an organizational license last January and did our first attempt at migrating over to BitWarden. I read all the documents and investigated all the options. Over the course of the last 9 months, I have made two failed attempts at migrating my passwords to BitWarden.

Bitwarden is lacking two very important features that are prohibiting agencies like mine from using the platform.

  1. Tagging - Collections do not equal tagging. I’ve read responses on this forum about how tagging is not necessary if you use collections properly. This is not true. We have many clients and our intention is to, at the organizational level, tag each client into their own grouping. Collections or “sub-vaults” are an overkill for this. We don’t want to have to set security levels for a large number of collections or each time we create one. We also can’t give users access to every collection. Instead, we’d like to have a few collections based on business units such as “Accounting”, “Client Services”, and “Corporate” and then further categorize(aka tag) the sites within those vaults. We want this to be on the organizational level so that all users see the same structure. Local grouping is not a viable alternative for this since it requires each user to go through and group all of their sites when it should be done at the organizational level one time and visible to all. Tagging, you gotta add it.

  2. Edit on Save - The last time I checked, for both Firefox and Chrome extensions, the user is not presented with an option to edit a password entry before saving it. The use case is when someone on our dev team saves a site user/pass for a client and would like to tag them with the client name. This would make it easy for us to categorize entries on creation. Right now, you need to save the entry and then go back into the vault and edit the entry. And even when you do, there is no tagging feature!

As it stands, I’m out $200+ because I signed up for a Bitwarden Organization account. I made the wrong assumption that these features, which I believe are clearly important, would be included in Bitwarden’s functionality. I’ve now waited almost a year to see them show up, but judging from the dialogue on this forum, they are unlikely. Seems a shame to not add these features since it will open Bitwarden to a number of other types of users.