Missing Collections

Hi BW community. Newbie user here. I am confused about accessing collections and hoping someone can please help.

You’ll see in the attached SCREENSHOT 1 (on the left) that within the Organization in question, we created a bunch of Collections (Financial, Forums, Freelancers, Logistics, Misc., MSFT, Phone, etc…)

Yet when I look in the Vault screen for that organization (See SCREENSHOT 2 on the right of the attached image), you notice that only 3 of the dozen Collections we had created are appearing. The same folders are also missing from the browser app extension.

Why won’t all our Collections show? PLease advise. Thanks in advance!

Hey @newdude are both of those screenshots from your view and are you the admin/owner? Or is one of the screenshots from the other user? If they are both from your view, please contact the support team with details.

Yes. THey are both me and I am an admin.

Thanks for confirmation, be sure to connect with the support team link above for further assistance.

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