Minimize when copying to clipboard

Minimize when copying to clipboard is not working,
neither in desktop-app nor browser-extention.

Bitwarden Preferences

What is your operating system and browser, and which version of the desktop app and browser extension are you using? In version 2024.6.2, the browser extension does not have such an option; on the other hand, the desktop app does have this option, but it seems to work as intended (at least on my Windows 11 system). Please provide more information.

Windows 11 Pro Version 24H2 26100.863
Windows 11 Pro Version 23H2 22631.3810

Version 2024.6.3
Shell 29.4.2
Renderer 122.0.6261.156
Node 20.9.0
Architecture x64

Microsoft Edge Browser-Extention:
Bitwarden Passwortmanager

Within the Desktop-App it’s not working.
It is difficult to provide a screenshot or a video from that behavior without revealing personal information. Any advice?

I changed your topic tag from app:browser to app:desktop, since the issue is not relevant to the browser extension.

My previous test was with version 2024.6.2, but I have now updated my desktop app to version 20204.6.3, and observe that the “Minimize when copying” function still works as expected on my system (Windows 11 23H2).

What method are you using to copy field values from the desktop app? The minimization only occurs if you use the copy icon:



You can create a dummy item that contains only fictional information. Then crop your video or screenshot to remove private information that may be visible outside the region of interest.

I use a rightclick on the entry and choose “Benutzername kopieren”.
I tried your suggestion and it works. I beg your pardon for not trying this.
I’ll mark your reply as “Solution”. Many thanks.

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No problem, glad I could resolve the issue for you. I have marked the thread as solved.

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