Migrating from Lastpass and Bitwarden troubles

I’m new bitwarden user and don’t understand some things.

  1. In LP you can’t see passwords in vault, untill you entered password. You can also set time not to ask you password (1min, 5min, 15min). In BW all passwords and all CVC in cards shown without password? Can I change this?
  2. In LP I have a list of equival domains like facebook.com, fb.com… I can’t find this here.
  3. It is strange, but I’ve just registered at bitwarden community and after logon BW doesn’t ask me whether I want to save password


  1. Currently, you cannot prompt the master password for individual items but you can set a vault timeout which will prompt the master password after a certain period. For more information, click here
  2. You can set equivalent domains in the web vault. Go Settings ----> Domain Rules and click new custom domain.
  3. The bitwarden team is working on this issue. Bitwarden only ask to save the password on some sites. Most of the time, it doesn’t work.
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  1. In LastPass, you have the ability to granular control which fields in your password entry gets password protection. This is a feature specific to LastPass. I don’t think any other password manager has this feature.

  2. Open your vault entry for facebook. Take a look at the section in the middle listing UR1, UR2, etc. You can add equivalent domain here. UR1 can be facebook.com and UR2 can be fb.com.

  3. Bitwarden doesn’t allow you to use the password manager to login into Bitwarden.com. It’s probable that Bitwarden is blocking bitwarden.com. You may want to manually add community.bitwarden.com.

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