Microsoft Touch Keyboard

Feature name

When the Screen Keyboard (or the Touch Keyboard) is active on a Windows device, show potential log-ins at the top of the keyboard just as you do for Android.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    Currently, when in touch mode, the user must switch over to the BitWarden application, find the PW and/or sign-in and then copy/paste back over into the app which was opened in touch mode. An app such as Netflix when its running as desktop version and not in a browser.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Feature parity with Android.

Related topics + references

  • Are there any related topics that may help explain the need and function of this feature? Not that I found. Maybe I’m unsure of the tags. Windows storeapp maybe?

  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may
    be helpful? The way that BitWarden works on android… where BitWarden gives sign-in options based on the app which is open.