Microsoft Suggestion Feature Active in Master Password Field

Hello all,

This is my first post here.

It occurs to me that I have to disable the hardware keyboard “suggestion” feature in Windows 10 PRO because it records and suggests my master password when logging in using Chrome. I’ve done so and that did solve the problem. However, it also occurs to me that Windows is notorious for retaining data and I’m now faced with the need to visit whichever Registry setting in Windows it is that controls the storage of that data and eliminate it there. IOW, all one would need to do is simply turn that function back on under Window’s settings and the information would appear again in the Master Password Field. Also, other password fields for other sites seem to have that particular suggestion function turned off or suppressed.

What’s the meaning of this ? Perhaps “In other words” ? (Found on

And about your issue: This is just a guess, but have you tried this?
Settings → Search → Clear device search history