Merge Items

In the web vault it is possible to multi-select and delete, could you also make it possible to merge the selected items?

When items are added by URL, each time you log in via a different platform a new item is created. It would be good if we could multi-select, then chose ‘merge’!

Yes I have the same amazon login details for about 6 different amazon region domains even though they are all the same account. I should be able to select all those entries and collapse them down to one then just have the URL for each entry listed in the one master


This would be a very convenient feature.

Especially for moving to bitwarden. If you have been using a password manager and the integrated manager of the browser, you are left with a lot of duplicate entries. Merging would be awesome!


Better tools for handling entries in general in needed: merging and removing duplicates is just one of them.


I’d like to be able to shift-select multiple items and right click and have it have a ‘merge’ option. this would then show any duplicate fields and I’d have to resolve them myself. Other non conflicting fields would merge into a single record.

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Yes, that would be a bit time saver !

Yes! several companies have multiple portal URLs using the same core credentials.

I am thinking that Bitwarden has the same capability of merging these URLs into the same entry that Lastpass has and that it is equally hard to fond so it would be good to know how.

+1 I don’t understand why nobody has this feature, it’s so simple and so convenient, but neither LastPass, 1Password, Myki or Enpass offer it, it’s just ridcolous… so simple and such a big USP, instead they develop stuff like “Send”, who needs that? Sending files, with a password manager, what’s happening here, next up a Download-Manager??

Adding my $0.02 that this would be very useful. It’s common to have multiple entries, particularly for companies that change the URL in their auth process and one doesn’t notice before adding the entry. The fact that you have to jump through hoops to clean it up means it… often doesn’t get cleaned up.

+1 to this as well to hopefully get it prioritized for development!

I agree. This would be a great feature and USP especially for adding all the URIs.