Mention in the e-mail that invites do not stay valid forever

Org invites seem to become invalid after some time (24 hours?), at which point an invited user can no longer create an account.

It would be good to:

  • Mention in the e-mail that the invite link is only valid for n hours
  • Display a clear error message in the browser when a user tries to use an invalid invite link anyhow

We had users trying to use invalid invites, unable to figure out why it wouldn’t work.

@psy-q - thank you for raising this topic! We are reviewing the email content and will track this.

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I would also be interested in being more clear about the lifetime of the link and a clearer error message. A lot of users in my organization (>20%) do not perform the registration after they have been invited on time, leading to frustrated end users as well as more work for IT department (communication + inviting them again)