Members, collections & other users?

Hi there,
New user here. I’m trying Bitwarden since a couple of weeks and it looks pretty solid and easy to use.

I’m about to subscribe to a family plan with 6 users.
I’ve read the manual and think I understand how folders & collections work.
What I’m not sure about is, can I invite others users (non-members of the 6 available) to share/use a collection? Do they need to have their own Bitwarden account or can I just “invite” them to use the stuff I’d like to share with them?

Hopefully I made myself understood (non-native english speaker).

Thank you for your help

You can only share with other members of your organization. If you need to share vault items with more than 6 individuals, then you will need to set up a Teams Starter plan ($240/year for 10 users), Teams Unlimited plan ($48/user/year), or Enterprise plan ($72/user/year). In either case, you will only be able to share with members of the organization.

For secure sharing with individuals who are not in your organization, the best you can do is to manually copy and paste the information into a secure “Send” that you can share as needed.

Thank you for the fast reply @grb .
That’s what I thought. :wink:

Have a good day!

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