Member of multiple groups, given multiple collection_Ids on item

When I am a member of a group, I am given access to the collection, this works well. but if I am a member of several groups that all have access to this collection, then I get several copies of the item. I would think that I only need it the one time. for example

“object”: “item”,
“id”: “4b0a6578-b42a-4daf-9f8c-abda0134f23b”,
“organizationId”: “8b6d790e-c85e-4cfb-bafd-a9d5007bba18”,
“folderId”: null,
“type”: 2,
“name”: “test.secret.p”,
“notes”: “hemmeelighet1=bakk\nsecret1=bokre”,
“favorite”: false,
“secureNote”: {
“type”: 0
“collectionIds”: [
“revisionDate”: “2021-02-25T18:44:50.323Z”

not sure if this is a bug or a feature, is there any way I can avoid this problem?

PS: I do not see this in the gui, or web-interface, I only see this in the commandline

bw list items … | jq .(…)

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.