Maximum number of Custom Fields?

We are planning to migrate the old-school method of storing passwords in Microsoft Excel, to Bitwarden. Currently, we have about 22 Rows. that we would like to add to Bitwarden, I couldn’t find any information on the maximum number of custom fields I can add to Bitwarden via JSON file or CSV.

Can someone link to me the information if they have any, regarding custom fields and how many we can create other than 2 that are already specified in the documentation?


Hey there, there isn’t a limit to the amount of custom fields that you can create, but can you provide a little more context on the type of information that you’re planning to store per vault item?

It is also best to use a .json export type, since it allows for specifying the type of custom field, as a .csv would always use ‘Text-type’.

You can read more about Custom Fields here: Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help & Support

  • Text: Field value stores a freeform input (text, numbers, etc.)
  • Hidden: Field value stores freeform input that is hidden from view (particularly useful for Organizations using the Hide Password access control).
  • Boolean: Field value stores a boolean value (true/false).
  • Linked: Field value is linked to the item’s Username or Password. Given the right field name, Linked custom fields can be used to solve issues where your Browser Extension can’t auto-fill usernames and passwords for a particular site (learn more).

Here is a list of the existing rows that contain data, there are some that we will merge into the other
e.g., group name & sub-group name or PIN codified, non-codified and mnemonic elements.

CCCCCCC_Universal Hierarchy full path_name	
CCCCCCC_product group_name	
CCCCCCC_product sub-group_name	
CCCCCCC_account ID or number main_code	
CCCCCCC_account ID or number sub_code	
CCCCCCC_sponsor website address_commentary	
CCCCCCC_account or user_name	
CCCCCCC_member email address_name	
CCCCCCC_pass code or code or key or word or PIN codified_name	
CCCCCCC_pass code or code or key or word or PIN non-codified_name	
CCCCCCC_password mnemonic elements modifications codified and non-codified_commentary	CCCCCCC_security questions and answers_commentary	
CCCCCCC_Create account when incubating new Company._boolean	
CCCCCCC_xxxxxxx_quantity	CCCCCCC_location_name	
CCCCCCC_comments or denormalised information_commentary

Thanks for the information! And just to confirm, does your team do any MSP related work? Or just looking to group information together related to a specific vendor?

You can definitely use the custom fields to take advantage of the copy to clipboard button/function. If there are items that don’t require the quick copy functionality, you can also group them together in the notes section of the vault item to reduce number of custom fields required.

No this is just a single company’s data, we are not MSPs we are in the Finance sector, I manage the company’s IT, and its a pain for me to go back to the excel sheet with the password every time I want to look up information about a site whether we already have an account or we need to create one or find out what the password for a website is, it takes up to 5 minutes to do this currently :speak_no_evil:

Gotcha! Depending on needs, you can also create nested folders or nested collections to group related credentials together, but if using custom fields in 1 vault item is the fastest way to get what you need, then go for it! :+1: