Matomo analytics swapped for google

Just submitting a request for bitwarden to stop using google analytics and google tags on switch to matomo or Plausible

Matomo will be a great choice as it is open source and can be self hosted. Plausible is also open source.

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There is also Fathom Analytics:

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I was looking at this recently and apparently all analytics have been disabled even though the legacy code remains. See this Github issue:

It turns out that the analytics weren’t as insightful as I had hoped and didn’t really end up getting used much. I’ve just removed them from all Bitwarden client applications for their next releases.

All of the Angularlytics stuff are just helpers that end up calling into the ga() function that you see was disabled here: bitwarden/[email protected]

Essentially Angularlytics has now been “black holed”. There is nothing in the apps that is connected to or makes calls to Google Analytics. You could verify this by monitoring your network tab in the browser’s dev tools.

I haven’t gone and verified this other than noting the early return statement in the ga() function. But the point is, I don’t think there’s any need to replace Google analytics with anything - it’s already been disabled.

EDIT: my mistake, this was referring to the website, not the apps. Please disregard

We don’t use anything on the clients, but on the website (not the vault) we do leverage Google Analytics.

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you guys should consider switching to an alternative