Master password re-prompt on Secure Notes should hide content

At the moment, all “Master password re-prompt” does for Secure Notes is ask me for a password when I want to edit it. Since there is no password, this feature doesn’t actually protect any content.

I propose making this feature actually lock the note text itself. (Yes, I understand that this is a UI protection rather than an extra layer of crypto, but this would protect me against an attacker who happens upon my desk while I’m answering the door).

The “Master password re-prompt” feature should lock different item types differently:

  • Logins: passwords
  • Cards: numbers and security codes
  • Identities: license number, passport number, social security number
  • Secure Note: notes (maybe show the size when locked?)

This is related to Master password re-prompt on specified sub-fields, which would allow locking specific fields. That would be as simple as adding a lock icon by every item when in edit mode, respecting the defaults as outlined above. If you implement that feature, I’d suggest that custom items in Secure Notes should default to being locked when the note is locked. This isn’t part of my standalone request because it can’t be changed without this linked request.