Master Password Re-prompt Feedback

The master password reprompt feature is great but it has some annoying shortcomings.


  • There should be a way to say “if you’re reprompted me/I’ve continued to use Bitwarden in the last few minutes, it’s fine, don’t ask again”
    • This is particularly important for doing bulk actions, or cases where you might need to access the item repeatedly (it’s much nicer than having the forethought of “open the browser extension as a window so it doesn’t need reauth”)
  • The UX is somewhat nonsensical, particular when it comes to TOTP. You can always see the code but the button to copy it requires a password reprompt? Seriously?

Hey @Dark_Arc thanks for the feedback, regrading the last bullet, the team is working on a revision where the reprompt will protect the whole vault item.

I’m glad to hear that, but please don’t ship this without some kind of “cool down” option. Especially with more and more services switching to a 2-phase login system, it’s extremely tedious to repeatedly enter a master password after you just did it 5 seconds ago.

It ends up being punishing enough, the feature loses a lot of its value (because it’s not worth the inconvenience).