Master Password Re-prompt Feature Has a problem

Hi Bitwarden users and devs. I am a proud user of Bitwarden for 6 months now. Today I discovered some kind of “problem” with the password re-prompt feature. If you access items which have the re-prompt feature enabled via the “Tools” tab on the web vault (For ex. using the Weak Passwords Report), it skips the re-prompt. This could create potential security risks. I know the re-prompt feature shouldn’t be trusted as a security feature but it would be nice if the team could have a look on this topic. Thanks and have a great day everyone!

Good catch @EfeKamil. Thank you!

I can replicate the same issue and have submitted a bug report:


Hey @dh024, thanks for taking your time and submitting a bug report for me. Have a great day!


@eliykat is on top of the game as usual!