Master password hint will not be send


I had created a long time ago a bitwarden account with some passwords in it and I think there is now one password in it that I need now.

So I remember the email I used that time but the master password not. But I know I set a good hint to remember it. I tried to send me the hint but no email arrived. I think I may miss spelled the email. But after I rewrited it I got following message “to many requests wait 60m” . This ist now one day ago.

60m means 60 minutes right? If yes why does it keep saying it and don’t resend the hint?

I very appreciat your help.


Hi I guess you’ve thought of this already, but did the email go into your spam folder?

Thx for your answer.

Ofcourse I did but like I said, after 2 days now I got no email.

I did the mistake to write my email like this: [email protected] but I wanted to write [email protected]

So I think the email will never arrive, because of the wrong domain name. But I can’t understand why I can’t simply resend the hint email.

Maybe try from a different device, or after resetting your router to get a new IP (or use a VPN).


I have a same problem. Forgot the master password, because I’ve been using a face recognition to log in. Clicking the Send password reminder does not send anything. And the email is correct. No VPN etc in use. Tried from different devices.

@ALa Welcome to the forum!

Are you 100% sure that you typed in a password hint when you originally created your master password?