Mass Re-assign secrets in organization to different collections

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Feature name

  • Name
    Mass Re-assign of organization secrets to different collection/s.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

Similar to a personal vault where you can mass assign secrets to an organization which, asks you to select a collection it should be in. Users should have the ability to adjust the secrets collection for secrets that already exist within the organization. Currently, you can do this one at a time (there is no select */mv to collection) but, there is no ability to mass re-assign. For example, if I wanted to re-assign all secrets attached to specific email address I should be able to 1. query for the email, 2. Select All within the organization vault and 3. move to new/additional collection/s.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?

Take a re-assign task that takes hours to a few seconds.

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    #vault #organizations #app:all

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