Make the Emergency Access Grantee 'Remove' warning more scary

Current behavior:
When an Emergency Access grantee clicks the Remove button, which rejects the grantor’s invitation and makes a deceased-grantor’s vault permanently inaccessible, the interstitial confirmation warning says, “Are you sure you want to remove this user.” It also defaults to “Yes” (just hit Enter and the removal is complete).

Wanted Behavior:
Default to the No button. Also make the the confirmation warning more clear. For example the text should say, “Danger: clicking yes cannot be undone, you will lose access to Fred’s vault and you cannot restore this access.” Additionally, add one more interstitial confirmation after this, with the Confirm button deselected and relocated at least an inch away from the mouse pointer, with text, “Last chance, click Confirm to permanently remove Emergency Access to Fred’s vault.”

Benefit / Justification:
Once I’m dead, it’s important that the grantee not be allowed to shoot themselves in the foot by accidentally, permanently revoking their access to my vault. This could happen because the current warning is too casual. It could also happen because new users, switching from a competitor like LastPass or RoboForm, may think they are cancelling an in-progress delayed request (a feature BW doesn’t have today, but may in the future), making stark delineation between the two features very important.