Make "Save Login Topbar" Non-Intrusive

The topbar that comes up after you’ve entered a login is very intrusive. It moves the whole page down around 20-30px everytime it comes up. As you sure know, it comes up during failed login attempts and it can appear after filling some forms which are not even login forms. I can understand that, but at least add the option to make it non-intrusive.

A suggestion would be to disable the topbar appearing. Instead the user can click on the BitWarden browser icon and offer the option to save the latest login there. You can go ahead and add more options in there like choosing a folder, organization/collection while saving the login while you’re at it.

That would be the perfect UX experience. browser extension for Keepass has this done right.

Make the button a small button on the top-right side of the screen near the Bitwarden extension (on Firefox). Everyone wins.