Make it harder to Log Out

Feature name

  • Move the “Log Out” link on the Unlock dialog.

Feature function

My elderly parents rely on unlocking the vault with a PIN.
They can’t remember the complex/secure master password.
I log them in, then set the PIN for them to unlock their vault.
They keep getting logged out. At least in come cases, I’m pretty sure it’s because they accidently click the “Log Out” link under the PIN field.


It would be great if this could be moved, hidden, or at least require confirmation if clicked.

Also, whenever I log them back in, I have to re-configure the “Unlock with PIN” setting. Why isn’t this setting saved?

Hmm. Maybe solve this a different way in the meanwhile. I know with Samsung Good Lock, there’s a module where you can turn off taps for certain areas on the screen. Maybe with Tasker you could achieve the same thing (turn off that log in window tapping). Might be out the question for some, but I’m sure someone in the Tasker community wouldn’t mind helping.