Make GUID Visible

Searching for a specific entry in the command line is a pain, and as far as I’m aware the only way to grab the GUID?

I think we should make the GUID field visible on the desktop app, maybe a setting to show/hide this field. I need to grab the GUID constantly of hundreds of different entries and pinpointing whats what via the CLI is a hassle as when there’s more than one result it errors and lists every GUID that might match without their names or anything, so it becomes guess work.

Please, please, make GUID visible somewhere.

For what task do you need the GUID of the items?

I’m adding the GUID to a deploy script so that it can use the CLI, login locally on an encrypted drive, use the GUID to do some syncing that requires grabbing the password. That way the deploy script can include the GUID, but no sensitive information so it can be stored in our private repo.

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There’s a few other things to, mostly automation stuff where it’d be nice to have these steps

  1. Create BitWarden entry
  2. Copy/paste GUID from BW into a script

Instead of these steps

  1. Create BitWarden entry
  2. Try many times to search for said entry until you either find it, or give up and give it a crazy unique temporary name, since the search on the CLI doesn’t search fields, notes, handle parenthesis, etc.
  3. Finally find the GUID and copy/paste it