Make credit cards available for Mobile autofill

I’d like to have credit cards available to fill from the mobile browser plugin (iOS share sheet and whatever the equivalent for Android is).

Seconding this. 1Password has this ability, and its definitely a “must have” feature.

Please add auto-fill for credit cards AND for contacts.


Would you be so kind and update your title into “Add support to autofill ‘Identities’ and ‘Cards’ stored in the vault”?

This is a critical feature for me - are there any updates on adding it? It’s the only thing preventing me from moving completely from 1Password.

Is this possible on Android? I don’t have a device to test…

I was hoping this was gonna be one of the big new features in the latest iOS app update. I was disappointed it wasn’t listed in the update. Any word on when we will see this feature, Bitwarden crew?

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this is a great feature of other pass managers. please put this into BW!

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Would love to see this feature. It’s the main thing holding me back from canceling 1Password and committing to Bitwarden.


Im currently considering to shift from 1pass to BW, and noticed this straight away. I can always switch apps back and forth, copying and pasting details. However, shipping this feature into Bitwarden ios would level up the feature parity with 1Pass significantly, its such a time saver. +1 vote for this feature please!

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@kspearrin @eliykat @tgreer can we get an official answer if this is on the road map or why it’s not?

No ‘Card’ and ‘Identity’ fill this the one major missing feature from the iOS app. Seems like a glaring feature gap. So I’m guessing there’s some reason BW hasn’t implemented it when almost all other password managers have (including BW on desktop). We need feature parity with macOS and iOS in this area especially.


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@AnonYmouse - It’s on our backlog, but no dev schedule yet. No particular reason other than time :hourglass_flowing_sand:


Feature name

  • Autofill credit cards on iOS Bitwarden app

Feature function

  • Autofill credit cards on iOS Bitwarden app
  • iOS users

Hey guys! So i’m an iOS user and recently i switched from LastPass to Bitwarden because i saw that everyone said that is the best free alternative out there. So far so good, i mean the transfer went perfectly and the Chrome , Firefox and Brave extension is working well. The only thing that i think it’s missing from browser extensions is that little shield icon in the username/password fields that would make easier acces when you have multiple accounts on that site. Instead of going up to the extension in the bar or right click and then go to Bitwarden - Autofill - etc… but that is another talk for another day :slight_smile:

I would find very useful if the iOS Bitwarden app can autofill also the credit card information when i’m on a payment site, and not making me go back and forth to copy the card number, then the expiration date and then the CVC.

Thank guys!
Have a nice day!


This really should have been implemented a long time ago. It’s omission is the one thing that is making me look for alternatives to Bitwarden. I’m even considering switching back to LastPass!

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The auto-filling credit card on payment apps /websites would be really helpful and have a smooth experience while checking out.

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Well for Android Phones.

Android: How can this be impossible when other password managers can do it?
I was considering transferring from Roboform to the paid version, but this is a real deal breaker. Roboform does it by including its own browser.
So far as I can see It doesn’t appear on the road map.

I also switched from LastPass to Bitwarden Premium too and was surprised to find out the mobile app (at least the iOS ones) can’t do this. I’m not sure why as this is a really useful and needed feature to have. Hopefully this can be added soon as it looks like it has been requested for almost 4 years now.


+1. This is a feature that would make life much easier with Bitwarden.

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Feature name

  • Autofill credit card on Android

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    Detect credit card fields, suggest autofill, and provides autofill credit card number, cardholder name, expiry, CVV.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?

    • allows easier input of credit card info on Android
    • aligns the behavior with iOS and browser
    • reduces the security risks of copying sensitive credit card info to the clipboard

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Bummer that the list of “must haves” is not shrinking…

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When I look at the roadmap, I just can’t understand how this feature isn’t there, and some of the much less important stuff is. This is such a basic function of a password manager