Make 2FA be necessary when unlocking with fingerprint on Android from time to time

Feature name

  • Add 2FA request in addition to Fingerprint in a user specified interval (e.g. all 24 hours)
  • I want to be able to unlock the app with finger print (without master password), but I want that my security key is needed at least all 24 hours or something like that.

What is missing

  • I like the convencience of Fingerprint Unlock for Bitwarden on Android.
  • I don’t like that as soon as it is enabled I will never ever be asked for my Yubikey again. I can always just unlock with Fingerprint. I would feel more comfortable if my security key was needed from time to time for additional safety if I ever lose the smartphone or similar.

The only possibility is to set the bitwarden app on android to automatically log out from bitwarden after a certain time interval instead of just locking the app. But this will results in three things:

  1. I will have to type in my master password again
  2. I will have to use my security key as second factor
  3. I will have to manually enable finger print log in again because it will be disabled as soon as the app is logged out. And basically it does not make sense as finger print can only be used in combination with auto vault lock.

Feature function

So basically there is no such option as:

  • Fingerprint + Security Key (general)
  • Fingerprint + Security Key (all X hours/minutes…)
    And that is exactly what I want… I want to use Fingerprint to unlock the app and additionally I want to be asked for my second factor in a certain interval, which can be specified by the user within the app…
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