Love the product - hate the commercials

The 10 (or 15) second spot on U.S. TV is pretty awful. Neither interesting, informative or compelling for such a great tool!

Thanks for the feedback, can you share more information about what you would like to see? Bitwarden uses a variety of approaches to help spread online security to a wider audience.

Something that gets to the key benefit of what it is and what is provides me as the consumer. The current commercial is lit rather dark. There’s a greasy haired, blue-collar guy whining in therapy?? The therapist is slouching in her chair… and the topic is password mgmt.??? It’s a train wreck from an effective communication standpoint. If you’re only going to go with very short spots, the messaging needs to be much clearer.

Thanks for the feedback, in marketing, teams use a wide variety of topics/approaches and this is just 1 of many. Personally the ad gave me a chuckle, as it did for my friends and family.

Some ads are designed not provide technical info, but to provide brand awareness and pique interest.

Rest assured, this is just of many different ways that the team is using to spread online security :slight_smile:

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Just one man’s opinion. Regardless, I still love Bitwarden and use it a lot!


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Honestly, even if in the end it does or doesn’t change how the marketing team handles things I honestly am glad to hear the thoughts and opinions of others in the community and am glad that the team is so receptive.

Overall I feel like if there is a large enough support for something in the community the staff actually listen and do what they can to drive the product with the community in mind.
It may be one man’s opinion where you feel like it’s thrown out into the wind, but I’m honestly glad to hear differing opinions.

Even should we disagree on personal preferences or opinions (I personally thought the therapist ad was great, but even other unrelated dissenting topics here in the community) the great thing I see and love is that we are all here using a common product.
At the end of the day every person is unique and each option helps to make Bitwarden great. :grin:


Honestly I tell everyone who cares about BW. It’s one of only maybe three software tools I have ever shelled out money for because of it’s value to me and my security!

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Is there somewhere online that I can view the commercial?

it is on the Bitwarden YouTube channel Bitwarden Password Therapy - YouTube

It’s :rofl:. I like it.

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This version is twice as long as the one the play on TV on the channel I watch. It’s like just the last 10 seconds.